Ragnarok Online - Updates - Classic declares WAR (of Emperium)
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Classic declares WAR (of Emperium)

The War arrives this Saturday!

The War of Emperium is Ragnarok Online's signature guild versus guild competition, pitting warriors from around the world against each other in a weekly test of skill and strategery.

Over the course of three test WoEs we have opened up all of the realms and castles, as well as the guild dungeons. With the launch of full WoE we will also be opening up the castle management features including investment, castle defenses and guild treasure!

We will be resetting ownership of the castles with this Thursday's maintenance, so the guilds that take and hold the castles by the end of WoE will have access to the guild treasure spawn after the next midnight.

Many thanks to the RO community for providing feedback and coming out to test things with us!