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New! Classic classes get extended!

Coming with tonight's maintenance on Classic will be the Ninja, Taekwon Kid, Gunslinger and Soul Linker classes!

These extended class characters bring unique mechanics the the world of Rune Midgard with unique class roles, weapons and skills. Until the release of Transcendent class characters, these Expanded class characters are limited to job level 50.

To become one of these classes, you must be a novice with job level 10 and complete one of the job change quests. To become a Soul Linker, you must be a Tae Kwon Kid at job level 40 or above.

Entrusted with the most dangerous weapons of their time, Gunslingers fire at their enemies with smooth speed and unerring accuracy. These heroic gunmen are firearm specialists that methodically fight their enemies from long distances.

A versatile ranged class, this gun-toting class can equip and build skills depending on how you want to play. Find out more here: Gunslinger Guide

Shrouded in secrecy and mysticism, the Ninja is a formidable warrior that strikes swiftly before quietly escaping into the night. The elusive Ninja has an eclectic repertoire to dispatch enemies from the shadows: as a hybrid job, the Ninja specializes in dodge skills and attacks using Ninja Daggers, Shurikens, Kunai, and even magic!

Able to attack by melee or with ranged or even magic attacks this class can use it's unpredictability to its advantage to confuse and destroy their enemies. Find out more here: Ninja Guide[en]

Novices that attain Job level 10 can job change to Taekwon Boys and Girls. The Taekwon kid jobs specialize in using a wide variety of kick attacks. Although they cannot equip weapons, they can equip all other gear that can be used by all non-novice classes.

This is a fun and fast class to play, designed to get up close and personal with your enemy. Sweep the leg and bow to your sensei!Find out more here: TaeKwon Kid Guide

Soul Linkers have given up the way of Taekwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. You must first attain Job Level 40 as a Taekwon Boy or Girl before changing jobs to Soul Linker. Soul Linkers are naturally immune to status cancelling skills such as Dispell, Hermode's Rod, or Flying Kick.

This class is the second job level for Tae Kwon kid characters at job level 40 and above, and has skills to greatly enhance the combat efficiency of other classes.Find out more here: Soul Linker Guide