Ragnarok Online - Updates - [R] It's Apocalypse Meow on Malangdo Island!
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[R] It's Apocalypse Meow on Malangdo Island!
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It's tabbys and treasures on the newly discovered Malagdo island, new home to the Cat Hand Group

The Cat Hand Group is notorious for providing less-than-legal services for adventurers willing to pay the price, and travel Rune Midgards selling their services to the highest bidder. However, while sailing to a new base of operations, the Cat Hand Fleet was caught in a terrible storm and were forced to take shelter on a small island.

When the storm cleared they found the wreckage of one of their ships stuck in the middle of the island. The wrecked ship The Navi is now their base of operations, on what the Cats now call Malagdo Island.

With most of their fleet wrecked and the goods they were carrying lost, they will need the help of intrepid adventurers to get their mercantile empire back on the map! Speak to Odgnalem in Alberta or Izlude to purchase transport to Malangdo for 1000z.

Guide to new quests in Malangdo Island

There are a number of cat sailors who are in need of your help. They are an eccentric bunch, so you may need to bend your code of ethics a bit to assist them.

Bad Cans Quest

Gobonge is watching over a group of sick cats who seem to be suffering greatly from food poisoning. He can be found near the top of the main island.

Chef Nyas
Cook's Quest

The Chef onboard the good ship Navi is trying to fight back against a infestation of vermin who have been attacking the food supplies aboard the ship. You can find him in the Galley belowdecks.

Tomas' Troubles

The former commander of the fleet is settling into his new life as Village Chief. As you could imagine, going from being an Admiral to a mayor is a difficult transition, which will require outside assistance.

Guide to monsters on Malangdo Island

Photograph Description

Wild Rider
Level 95
HP: 33300
Exp/exp: 8300/3300
Useful Drops: Old Purple Box, Mystic Frozen

Red Eruma
Level 91
HP: 9900
Exp/exp: 1909/1909
Useful Drops: Old Blue Box/ Grit