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Renewal Merger Server: Chaos!

A familiar name returns with our Renewal Chaos server, which combines Ymir, Yggdrassil and Valkyrie.

The biggest news is that our three Renewal servers will be combining into one big server. This means more people in WoE , more parties, more shops and lots of new people to meet! We have been working to make sure that important things like character relationships, guilds, and storage will make the transition as smoothly as possible. This is a massive operation many months in development, which will be taking place beginning on December 19th, 2012.

To make way for the merger, there will be a new second and third storage for yggdrassil and valkyrie stored items. Players will be able to remove items from these but will not be able to place items back in, and the extra storages will eventually disappear, so you will want to get those items onto your normal Kafra storage as soon as you can! If you have the same name as a person from one of the other servers, both characters will get flagged, you will need to log in and grab your character name after the merger. This will also free up a lot of desired names on inactive characters, so if there is a name you really wanted but knew was taken a long time ago, this is your chance!

For the purposes of the merger, it is now possible for accounts to have a max of 27 characters in their accounts, but if you delete characters you will lose those slots. VIP accounts can have a maximum of 9 characters and non-VIP accounts have a 3 character maximum, so if you have over those numbers of characters on the account it is strongly recommended not to delete those characters as you will not be able to use those spaces.

The screen will look like this:

WoE 1 and 2 will be getting a new scheduled time, and many more guilds competing for your castles!

WoE 1: Wednesdays 3-5pm PST
WoE 2: Saturday 4-6pm PST

You will also now have an additional favorites tab in your inventory menu, where you can place your most important consumables, equipment and etc. items in the same place! There is also a checkbox that will prevent you from accidentally dropping an item without having to have your equipment window open all the time!