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Classic WoE: Second Edition testing begins!

Significantly different from the original War of Emperium, WOE Second Edition (WoE 2 for short) offers a different way to compete guild versus guild! The Second Edition version of WoE is launching this week and will be running on Friday evenings.

Where WoE 1 castles have many separate rooms to defend, WoE 2 has large maps that are not divided by portals, but by special barricades. The defending team must protect the Guardian Stones that control the castle's defenses.

The attacking team must push through the defender's ranks and destroy the Guardian stones, which open up the castle for deeper attacks. If the attackers can destroy the Emperium crystal at the heart of the Castle, it becomes theirs.

For our testing, we have set the time for WoE 2 to begin on classic at 4-6pm Pacific Time. This is the optimal time for us to be able to monitor the hardware and ingame during WoE hours, though it may change when WoE 2 is out of the testing phase.