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[Renewal] Episode 15.2 Update Hub

Journey further into the lost city of Verus in our 15.2 Update. This brings a host of new dungeons, monsters and instances for high level play. The other part of this update is the Crimson Weapon System, which adds new monster-dropped weapons that power up based on your level and how much it's been upgraded!

New Quests

Verus City's quest gets updated with 15.2! There's a whole new area to access as you make your way deeper into the ruins.

New Dungeons

Underground Bunker

Sealed off due to a terrible cataclysm, the scientists retreated to an underground refuge. Cut off from the rest of the world, they expanded the complex over time.

Crimson Weapon System Update

Now dropping from monsters around Rune Midgard, the Crimson Weapons are equipment for players level 70 and up. These equipment drop with a chance of being imbued with an element, including fire, water, earth, holy, shadow and neutral. Check out our update page for details on which monsters and get more info on the new weapons!