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Tomb of Honor - Dungeon

Tomb of Honor

Location: Lighthalzen Slums
Level Requirement: Base LVL 100
Quest Prerequisite: None

To enter the Tomb of Honor, players must head to the Lighthalzen Slums, which can be accessed by speaking to the guard on the East side of Lighthalzen. Hint: He'll let you through if you just speak to him over and over again!

Main Entrance

Speak to Ohno Tohiro just ahead of where you arrive in the slums (lighthalzen 320, 220). Talk to him to:

  • Find out more about Tomb of Honor ("Ask him about the Tomb of Honor")
  • Enter the Tomb of Honor ("Return to the Tomb of Honor")
  • Negotiate the price of entry ("Say that's too much zeny")

He will let you enter the dungeon for 100,000 Zeny. If you choose the third dialogue option, he will allow you to enter the dungeon in exchange for 10 Research Charts instead of the Zeny amount.
Once you enter the dungeon this way, you can exit through the Dungeon gateway.

Once inside, you'll have to battle your way through several powerful monsters!
These monsters drop various items, including Souls, Energies, Pieces of Sentiment, and Pieces of Grudge which you can use in the dungeon's Enchantment Room to gain new equipments and enchant them.

Alternate Entrance

On the other side of the building where Ohno Tohiro stands guard is a young girl named Lunar (lighthalzen 320, 203). She can help you enter the Tomb of Honor in different places, as well as offer some helpful advice.

For 150,000 Zeny she will send you into the dungeon, but in a different area than where Ohno Tohiro sends you. She will also tell you about the Strange Machines throughout the dungeon that restore your HP. The room in which she places you has one of these machines, so you can start it up as soon as you get there.

Lunar also gives you the option of entering the Enchantment Room of the dungeon without being disturbed by any monsters. This option costs 2,000,000 Zeny and warps you straight to the room, with a convenient exit placed to the left.