Ragnarok Online - Updates - Anniversary 2019: Ferus Faire
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Anniversary 2019: Ferus Faire

Ferus Faire

Ferus Faire

Anniversary Quest 2019

Poring Con is CANCELLED! Everybody head over to Comodo for the hot new event of the year, Ferus Faire! You could see what remains of Poring Con in Hugel if you want, but it sure ain't what it used to be!

Poring Con...?

Poring Con Entrance
Poring Con attendees

If you visit the entrance to Poring Con in Hugel, you'll be met with a surprise - a smattering of guests, and... a ball pit? Looks like this place isn't as active as before. Let's go check out this Ferus Faire everybody's talking about!

Ferus Faire

Starting Map: Comodo
Required Level: 60+
Rewards: Achievement, Choice of Hat, Ferus Coins

Ferus Faire Promoter

When you head to Comodo, you'll find several Ferus Faire Promoters scattered around the island. Talking to any one of them will get you an explanation of the event (Ferus Faire?) or a personal escort to the event entrance (Yes! Could you show me where?).

Ferus Faire event

The event is huge and has attracted a bunch of well-known guests from all over the map! Walk around the area and see some familiar faces, including...


...Detectives Moose and Squirrel!
Turns out they're here for more than just a good time. They suspect something strange may be afoot. Is there more to Ferus Faire than meets the eye...? Find out for yourself by talking to the two detectives over at Ferus Faire! Journey with them on a wild adventure (that you may need to bring your friends on!) and come out with a few choice prizes!

Ferus Coins

Jacques Peco returns

Completing the instance at the end of the Ferus Faire quest gets you 75 Ferus Coins. Return with the coins to Jacques Peco in exchange for some sweet sweet prizes!

Item Description Price
Battle Manual X3 Buff
EXP rate increases to 300% for 30 minutes 50 Ferus Coins
HE Bubble Gum Buff
Item drop rate increases by 200% for 15 minutes 50 Ferus Coins
Condensed White Potion x 25
25 Condensed White Potions (restores 325-405 HP) 50 Ferus Coins
Random Shadow Jewelry
You get one of the following at random:
Physical Shadow Earring, Physical Shadow Pendant, Magical Shadow Earring, Magical Shadow Pendant, Power Shadow Earring, Intelligent Shadow Pendant, Power Shadow Pendant, Intelligent Shadow Earring, Resist Spell Power Shadow Pendant, Rapid Shadow Pendant, Caster Shadow Pendant, Hard Shadow Earring, Wise Shadow Earring, Athena Shadow Earring
300 Ferus Coins
Random Shadow Footgear
You get one of the following at random:
Champion Shadow Shoes, Vital Shadow Shoes, Athletic Shadow Shoes, Bloody Shadow Shoes, Liberation Shadow Shoes, Chemical Shadow Shoes, Clamorous Shadow Shoes, Insecticide Shadow Shoes, Fisher Shadow Shoes, Seraphim Shadow Shoes, Beholder Shadow Shoes, Divine Shadow Shoes, Dragoon Shadow Shoes
300 Ferus Coins
Random Shadow Shield
You get one of the following at random:
Athena Shadow Shield, Athletic Shadow Shield, Vital Shadow Shield, Cranial Shadow Shield, Safeguard Shadow Shield, Brutal Shadow Shield, Gargantua Shadow Shield, Homer's Shadow Shield, Dragoon Shadow Shield, Satanic Shadow Shield, Flameguard Shadow Shield, Requiem Shadow Shield, Cadi Shadow Shield, Basis Shadow Shield, Hallowed Shadow Shield, Saharic Shadow Shield, Underneath Shadow Shield, Flame Shadow Shield, Windy Shadow Shield, Envenom Shadow Shield, Damned Shadow Shield, Geist Shadow Shield, Divine Shadow Shield
300 Ferus Coins
Random Shadow Weapon
You get one of the following at random:
Physical Shadow Weapon, Magical Shadow Weapon, Kingbird's Shadow Weapon, Critical Shadow Weapon, Healing Shadow Weapon, Lucky Shadow Weapon, Dexterous Shadow Weapon
500 Ferus Coins
Random Shadow Armor
You get one of the following at random:
Breeze Shadow Armor, Immune Shadow Armor, Hard Shadow Armor, Ancient Shadow Armor, Critical Shadow Armor, Dexterous Shadow Armor, Lucky Shadow Armor, Basis Shadow Armor, Hallowed Shadow Armor, Saharic Shadow Armor, Underneath Shadow Armor, Flame Shadow Armor, Windy Shadow Armor, Envenom Shadow Armor, Damned Shadow Armor, Geist Shadow Armor, Divine Shadow Armor
500 Ferus Coins
Adventurer's Towel
Adventurer Towel
Adventurer's Trusty Towel

This trusty towel truly is the sidearm of an experienced adventurer, allowing one to remain cool in the face of adversity
Warning: Do not wear towel when in battle; it is only to be used in relaxed situations.
Cannot be Dropped or Traded.
Account Bound

Weight: 10

1000 Ferus Coins