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Poring Summers

Poring Summers!

As summer draws to a close, Midgardians across the land are eager to fit in just one more adventure before the season's over!

Head over to Comodo to help out a couple such eager young adventurers!
Find Penny, Harriett, and Olley standing on the boardwalk to begin your end of summer quest.

Penny and crew

If you help them fund their trip to Jawaii, you can go along with them!
But the unexpected happens - this isn't Jawaii! What is this strange island?
Explore the island while Penny and her friends help fix the raft.

Mystery island

Inside the hut you'll find a Lone Poring. He explains that you've arrived at Poring Island, but all the resident Porings have recently been driven away by an evil witch. The island's Poring Guardians have gone off to find the witch and fight her off, and - you guessed it - it's up to you to bring them back!

Poring Island

Since Penny and crew already have a boat, enlist their help in finding the Poring Guardians.
When you arrive at the Ocean Cavern, you'll have to fight through hordes of Mermaids and Medusas in order to find them! Find the 3 Poring Guardians before heading back to Poring Island using either of the portals at the ends of the map.

Ocean Cavern

After you find the Poring Guardians, head back to Poring Island and find them (along with Lone Poring) hanging out on the west side of the island. Now that they're back, they need help rebuilding the island so the Porings can all return! Help out each of the Poring Guardians with their specific task.

Poring Quests

Once the island has been restored, there's one thing left to do... defeat the witch that drove them away in the first place! Speak to the Poring Guardians again to fight the evil witch for good.

Witch hunt

After you prepare yourself and your party, you'll be transported to the witch's hiding spot. Defeat her and her minions and you'll be rewarded with a Poring Treasure Box full of Poring Coins!
Well done! Head back to Poring Island. Now that peace has been restored, you can exchange your Poring Coins with none other than Jacques Peco hanging out inside the hut. He always seems to pop up whenever booty is involved, but luckily he has wares to trade for your coins! And don't forget to try your luck with the R.N. Geezus machine as well!


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