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Blood in Prontera

Blood in Prontera

Blood in Prontera

A bloody warehouse. Stolen goods. A clean crime scene. A mystery.
Join forces with Detectives Moose and Squirrel once again to solve a horrendous mystery that has befallen Prontera!

Head over to Prontera (232, 62) to talk to Lt. Don Tyler about the latest case.

Step 1

It seems there is a mysterious crime that hasn't been solved yet. He recruits your help, along with your old friends Detective Moose and Detective Squirrel. Find them standing to the right of Lt. Don and speak with them.

Detective Moose

After listening to what they know, proceed to Prontera (236, 263) and head inside to speak with the Detectives' informant, Maria.

Detective Squirrel

After Maria tells you what she knows, rendezvous with the Detectives where you first found them a their station. From there, they'll instruct you to find a warehouse to find out where the folks Maria was talking about are hiding.

Warehouse raid
Warehouse Entrance

Find the Hiding Spot and listen into their conversation.

Hiding spot

After the mobsters have been apprehended, you'll follow the Detectives to their holding cell, where they tell their side of the story. Until you all get interrupted...

Shady Guy

Things really took a turn for the worse! A dark portal has opened up outside the police station! Talk to Lt. Don Tyler again and he'll send you in on a recon mission. Kill 5 Torturous Redeemers and 5 Mini Demons before returning through the portal. Warning: Do not exit the Portal before completing the mission!
Recon mission

After you return, Lt. Don will send you out for more information from Maria before sending you on more strike missions in the Portal. Complete all these tasks and eventually he will talk to you about being rewarded! From there, complete Lt. Don's tasks and then speak to Pvt. Woods Goofus in order to receive your rewards.
Strike missions
Goofus prizes

Chefcular Meow is also near the station trading goods for gains! Speak to him just north of the Detectives' location.
Chefcular Meow

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