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WarpPortal + Extra Life 2019

Extra Life 2019

Extra Life 2019

10AM PST November 8 - 10AM PST November 9

WarpPortal Extra Life Page: https://www.extra-life.org/participant/384395
WarpPortal Livestream Link (live on Nov 8 at 10AM PST): twitch.tv/warpportal
WarpPortal Extra Life Blog (containing prize list and stream schedule): https://blog.warpportal.com/?p=12839

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How to Donate | Prize Tiers | Mad Bunny Ore Box Prizes (*New!)

It's that time of year again adventurers - WarpPortal's 24 Hour Livestream for Extra Life!

Each year, the WarpPortal team streams games for 24 hours while raising money for the Children's Hospital of Orange County through Extra Life. When our fans donate through our page, they are eligible for prizes depending on how much they donate!

Due to the recent announcement on the future of Ragnarok Online, you may be wondering if we're still distributing prizes for this game for Extra Life. The simple answer is yes, we are! When Ragnarok Online returns from hiatus, prizes will be distributed to Code the Redeemer so that they may be claimed on any iRO server. Just don't forget to list your character name and server in your note when you donate on our page through Extra Life!
*Note: We've added Ore Boxes as prizes! Please jump to the Ore Box Prizes section below to learn more!

Ragnarok Online will be live during Extra Life's streaming portion from 12-2PM, so don't miss out!

The donation deadline for prizes is December 31, 11:59 PST. Make sure to donate before then!

How to Donate

To donate, head over to our WarpPortal Extra Life page and click the big green DONATE button! When the window pops up, follow the instructions to make your donation:

  • Click One-Time Donation
  • List your donation amount
  • Put your Character Name in Show my name as (Optional) box
  • Check Add a message (this is public)
  • In the message box, write your:
    • Game: Ragnarok Online
    • Server: Chaos or Thor
    • Character Name: (Your character name)
      • Note: DO NOT list your Account Name!
Donation instructions
Do this to ensure you receive your prizes on the correct character and server!


Here are the prize tiers for this year:

Tier 5-14
Donations between $5-$14

  • 7 Days VIP

Tier 15-49
Donations between $15-49
  • Previous Tier Prizes
  • 30 Days VIP
  • Costume Leopard Ear Hat
  • Costume Baby Panda

Tier 50-99
Donations between $50-$99
  • Previous Tier Prizes
  • Costume Poring Sunglasses
  • Costume Elephant Fairy

Tier 100+
Donations of $100+
  • Previous Tier Prizes
  • 3 Months VIP
  • Costume Beelzebub Crown
  • Costume Cherry Blossom Hat
  • Costume Warm Black Cat Muffler

Mad Bunny Ore Box Prizes

Since our Cash Shop has closed as of October 31, 2019 in preparation for our hiatus, we have decided to add Ore Boxes as additional prizes for players who still wish to participate in the ongoing Mad Bunny Event (which ends November 14, 2019). For users who want to help Extra Life a little more, or just participate in the Mad Bunny Event for longer, we are willing to award Mad Bunny Ore Boxes instead of the costume prizes. Donating for the traditional prizes and the Mad Bunny prizes are separate, if you want both prizes you must donate two separate times! Additionally, if you already donated once for your traditional prizes, you may still donate once more to receive Mad Bunny Ore Boxes.

Please note that these Mad Bunny Ore Boxes are ONLY for Chaos/Thor server.

How it works:

  1. Select what kind of Ore Boxes you want.
    • Mad Bunny Enriched Oridecon 100 cnt box $20
    • Mad Bunny Enriched Elunium 100 cnt box $20
    • Mad Bunny HD Oridecon 100 cnt box $7
    • Mad Bunny HD Elunium 100 cnt box $7
    • Mad Bunny HD Carnium 100 cnt box $10
    • Mad Bunny HD Bradium 100 cnt box $10
      Example: 2x Mad Bunny Enriched Oridecon 100 cnt boxes
  2. Total the dollar amount of the Ore Boxes
    • Example: 2x Mad Bunny Enriched Oridecon 100 cnt boxes = $40
  3. Donate to Extra Life with the dollar amount calculated filling out the form like this (Please use your own character name and server, Campitor already has too much stuff)
    Ore Box Donation

And that's how you get Mad Bunny Ore Boxes as prizes!