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Episode 17.1: Illusion

Episode 17.1

Episode 17.1: Illusion

Explore new stories, dungeons, and monsters in our latest episode update! Picking up right where Episode 16.2: Terra Gloria left off, Episode 17.1: Illusion plunges adventurers headlong into a twisting new story of secrets, sabotage, and intrigue.

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Step back into the fray as Episode 17.1: Illusion follows hot on the heels of the events of Episode 16.2: Terra Gloria. Philopontes, also known as Tes, is back with information regarding a new research facility tied to Rekenber Corporation. As a part of the Secret Wings - a clandestine agency tied to the Schwartzwald government - Tes is committed to investigating the mysteries surrounding these new findings, and he needs your help to do it.

Illusion 2

Join forces with the unlikely trio of the Secret Wings, the Rebellion, and Rekenber Corp itself to investigate the whispered rumors floating around Schwartzwald: why have people gone missing from Rekenber, and why doesn't their Vice President know about it? Why does Rekenber need such a heavily fortified dumping ground for its failed experiments? And... who is this group that calls themselves Illusion? All this and more is waiting to be uncovered in Episode 17.1: Illusion!