Ragnarok Online - Updates - Happy Egg Festival 2021
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Happy Egg Festival 2021

Happy Egg Festival 2021

Happy Egg Festival 2021

The Happy Egg Festival is back in Juno! Join in on the fun by hunting Happy Eggs and getting Clover Tickets, which can be exchanged for prizes!
Need to get to Juno fast? Find Festival Guides in Prontera, Payon, Geffen, and the Eden Group who will send you straight to the Festival in exchange for one Happy Three Leaf Clover!

Happy Festival Daily Quests

Hunting Happy Eggs

Repeatable Quest
Level Requirement: 20
Reward: 2 Clover Tickets per day


Head to Juno and speak with Yulata, a Member of Happy Egg Festival to learn about how to participate in the festival.

You'll learn the history of Juno's Happy Eggs and then will be tasked with hunting down 3 of them! They spawn all over the place, so you'll have no trouble finding them. Hunt down 3 Happy Eggs successfully and Yulata will reward you with 2 Clover Tickets, which you can exchange for prizes at the Happy Pet Vending Machine.

Making Festive Decorations

Repeatable Quest
Level Requirement: 20
Reward: 2 Clover Tickets per day


Speak to Luluphant the Festival Deco Expert for another quest. She will ask you to hunt 3 Clover Lunatics and 3 Clover Poporings, as well as bring her 3 Happy Three Leaf Clovers. Do this and she will give you 2 Clover Tickets to spend at the Happy Vending Machine, and the quest can be repeated again the following day.

Happy Pet Vending Machine

You can exchange Clover Tickets at the Happy Pet Vending Machine!

Happy Pet Vending Machine

If you give the machine 1 Clover Ticket you will get one of the following prizes:
  • (10) Tasty Cookie Egg
  • (10) Chocolate Egg
  • Holy Egg
  • Her Heart
  • Small Doll Needle
  • Delicious Shaved Ice
  • Well-Dried Bone
  • Dew-Laden Moss
  • Deadly Noxious Herb
  • Tropical Banana
  • No Recipient
  • Old Broom
  • Orange Juice
  • Contract in Shadow
  • Tantan Noodle
  • Soft Apron
  • Very Red Juice
  • Rainbow Carrot
  • Earthworm the Dude
  • Sweet Milk
  • Fatty Chubby Earthworm
  • Baked Sweet Potato
  • Boy's Pure Heart
  • Girl's Naivety
  • Girl's Doll
  • Clover Silk Hat
  • Egg Crispinette
  • Evil Egg Shell
  • Holy Egg Shell
  • Costume: St. Patrick's Hat
  • Costume Evil Egg Shell
  • Costume holy Egg Shell
  • Costume Egg Crispinette

New Story Quest

Non-Repeatable Quest
Level Requirement: 20
Reward: 2 Clover Tickets per day

This year's Happy Egg Festival has an all-new story quest!
To begin, find Frowny in Juno (33, 192).


Frowny is on a secret mission and he recruits you to help him investigate a few members of the Happy Egg Festival. You can complete the Happy Egg Festival Daily Quests while doing this.

Afterwards, he will send you to investigate the Schwarzvald University in northeast Juno. While there, you will run into a few more NPCs that will give you repeatable quests (see below).

After you complete all of Frowny's investigations, he will reward you one time with a Costume Robin Egg Mini Hat.

Costume Robin Egg Mini Hat
Costume Robin Egg Mini Hat
Costume Robin Egg Mini Hat

Blue Mini Hat seems like a Robin Egg.
People who wear these hats somehow look happy.

Add low chance of ATK, MATK+50 for 10 seconds when performing physical/magical attacks during the event period (This effect will be removed after the event).

Class: Costume
Location: Upper
Requires Level: 1
Jobs: All

University Daily Quests

Cupet Caregiver

Repeatable Quest
Level Requirement: 20
Reward: 2 Clover Tickets per day


When you first enter the University, you will run into Salem down the hall and to the right. Help him conduct his Pet research by choosing 1 out of 5 available Pets to go on a walk.

Pet walk

After choosing a Pet, head outside the building and you will be prompted to begin your walk. Follow the markers on your mini-map to find the Pet you're walking, and continue until prompted to return to the University. When you do, Salem will reward you with 2 Clover Tickets and tell you to return the next day to do it again.

More Eggs of Happiness

Repeatable Quest
Level Requirement: 20
Reward: 2 Clover Tickets per day


Walk past Salem and enter the next hall, then go through the 2nd entrance on the right. There you will meet a student trying to make some chocolate eggs and cookie eggs. She's missing a few ingredients and needs your help. She will ask you go to Izlude and Prontera to get her Almonds and Solid Chocolate from her suppliers. When you return, she will reward you with 2 Clover Tickets. You can come back once per day to perform the same task for the same prize.