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Tip Box Renewal

Tip Box

Tip Box Renewal

Familiarizing yourself with Ragnarok Online has never been easier with our Tip Box system! It will provide useful information to help you navigate our world. The Tip Box will automatically show up as soon as you log in. If you prefer not to use this feature, you can turn it off by unselecting "Open on startup".

Startup Window

However, if you would like to access it again during your gameplay, you can find the Tip Box icon in the Menu list. You can also type in "/tip" in the chat window or press Alt + D!

Icon Image

How to Use

The Tip Box has a Search function that allows you to type in a keyword. After searching for the topic that you need help with, it will display all relevant content.

For example, searching for "Status" will give several topics related to it. Selecting one of them will give more information about it, and links to tips for similar topics will also be displayed at the end.



We will continue to update the Tip Box over time to include more helpful information for everyone!

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