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Regarding Private Servers

Regarding Private Servers


Gravity Interactive and all official global partners of Ragnarok Online are taking action against illegal private servers. With the cooperation of official and private agencies, we are looking into private servers and taking measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

An illegal private game server is defined as a game server which uses protected copyrighted works and intellectual property without license or proper agreement from the legally recognized owner. This damages future development of the official game as private servers siphon revenues away from the rights holders.

We encourage players to stay safe and to use official global Ragnarok Online services only, as it is unknown what standards of data protection which private servers may use and if user data will be properly safe. Below listed are all the official servers as of time of posting this notice.

[Global Ragnarok Official Website Information]

- Go to North America website

- Go to Thailand website

- Go to Indonesia website

- Go to Russia website

- Go to Europe website

- Go to Singapore/Philippine/Malaysia website

- Go to Brazil website

- Go to Japan website

- Go to Taiwan website

[Legal Response Status of Illegal Private Servers]

Globally Gravity, Gravity Interactive, and other partners are pursuing a vigorous defense of their rights and ownership of the Ragnarok IP. There are 7 lawsuits against illegal private servers in North America, and in addition, half a dozen or more legal actions world wide.

[How to Report on Illegal Private Servers]

To report any private servers that you come across, please head over here: Portal - WarpPortal. Include any relevant information that may assist in the investigation.

We intend to continue pursuing existing illegal private servers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Gravity Interactive Team