Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 13.2: Armor Enchant NPC
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Episode 13.2: Armor Enchant NPC

The NPC Apprentice Craftsman is now offering to enchant certain armors with various stat bonuses. She can be found near the southern Kafra NPC in Prontera.


Items will now display the number of available card slots as empty slots, and unavailable slots are shaded in.


However, when an armor is enchanted using the Apprentice Craftsman NPC, the enchantment displays as a red orb in the 4th card slot.

Note that when you enchant an item in the manner, all refining bonuses and cards will be destroyed. The item will be an enchanted version of the original item, with no upgrades or cards.

The enchantment given is chosen randomly from +1, +2, or +3 of the 6 character stats offered in Ragnarok. The enchantment will be applied in the order the item is placed in the character inventory, so be careful to only have one of the item you wish to enchant in your inventory.

Unslotted Armor
Slotted Armor
High Grade Armor
Aebecee`s Raging
Typhoon Armor
Aebecee`s Raging
Typhoon Armor [1]
Armor of Naga [1]
Chain Mail
Chain Mail [1]
Assassin Robe [1]
Chameleon Armor
Claytos` Cracking Earth Armor [1]
Assaulter Plate [1]
Claytos` Cracking Earth Armor
Coat [1]
Diabolus Armor [1]
Formal Suit [1]
Diabolus Robe [1]
Full Plate
Full Plate [1]
Elite Archer Suit [1]
Glorious Mass-Production Suit
Glittering Jacket [1]
Elite Engineer Armor [1]
Glorious Popularized Suit
Legion Plate Armor [1]
Elite Shooter Suit [1]
Glorious Suit
Lord`s Clothes [1]
Improved Tights [1]
Holy Robe
Lucius`s Fierce Armor
of Volcano [1]
Kandura [1]
Legion Plate Armor
Mantle [1]
Life Link [1]
Lucius`s Fierce Armor
of Volcano
Mink Coat [1]
Medic`s Robe [1]
Mage Coat
Saint`s Robe [1]
Meteo Plate Armor [1]
Saphien`s Armor of Ocean [1]
Orlean`s Gown [1]
Ninja Suit
Scapulare [1]
Sprint Mail [1]
Saint`s Robe
Silk Robe [1]
Warlock`s Battle Robe [1]
Saphien`s Armor of Ocean
Silver Robe [1]
Silk Robe
Theif Clothes [1]
Silver Robe
Tights [1]
Thief Clothes
Wooden Mail