Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 13.2: Into the Unknown
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Episode 13.2: Into the Unknown

The discovery of the Ash Vacuum has brought new reasons for adventurers to brave the unknown. Two new races have been discovered known only as the Laphine and the Sapha. The Laphine are a fairy-like race that live in the lush grounds west of the Expedition camp. The Sapha are a proud tribe of wood creatures that live in the barren snow grounds east of the Expedition camp. Each race has sworn to protect the World Tree Yggdrasil and have been fighting a war spanning hundreds of years.

The Rune Midgard scientists have discovered ruins in a cave west of the Expedition camp and have reason to believe that it leads to the roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil. Commander Hibba Agip, leader of the Expedition, has commanded an official investigation of these ruins. Some adventurers have already tried exploring the ruins but they lack the ability to communicate with the Laphine and Sapha tribe who must have information about the ruins. There are even rumors that a dragon has been seen in the cave but none can either confirm or deny them. Are you brave enough to take on this task and venture into the unknown?

Continue the expedition of the Ash Vacuum and discover the new lands and races that await you.