Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 13.1: New Interface
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Episode 13.1: New Interface

Along with other changes brought by update 13.1, two new interface changes have been added to Ragnarok Online!

Trade Window

Initiating a trade with another user will now open the new trade window.

This new detail provides greater detail and is easier to view than the previous trade window.

Skill Tree

Also with this update, a new skill tree has been implemented.

Pressing Alt+S will open up the new skill tree. Placing the cursor over a skill will list detailed information about the skill, including skill requirements and description of the skill. After distributing skill points, you can either hit Apply to confirm your skill selections, or Reset to distribute your remaining skill points again. Note that once you hit Apply, the changes will be permanent and can only be reset by using a Neuralizer.

  Clicking the "-" button on the top right of the skill window will display the classic skill window. This window can be used to assign skills from equipment to a hotkey.