Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 13.1: New Maps
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Episode 13.1: New Maps

In the wake of the Satan Morroc disaster a dimensional rift has appeared, letting adventurers explore The New World on the other side.

Journeying to the New World


The Dimensional Rift was an unintended gift from Morocc to humans, and brought great change to the entire Midgard Continent. Greedy humans now want to expand their territory into the world beyond the space gap. Sharing this same goal, the three countries of the Midgard Continent have united: to conquer the otherworld.

The Recruiter for the Brave in Prontera Castle (83, 67) is looking for brave adventurers to explore the new world, code named Ash Vacuum. Speak to him

in order to prove that you are worthy to explore this brave new world.
New Maps

Five new maps are awaiting exploration in the new world. Your journey through the Dimensional Rift will bring you to the Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post. Here, you can discuss your exploration into Ash Vacuum with other people from the Rune Midgard continent. To the east are the Manuk Mountains, and to the west are the Splendide Fields.

[Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post]

[Splendide Field 1]
[Splendide Field 2]
[Splendide Field 3]
[Manuk Mountains]
[Manuk Field 1]
[Manuk Field 2]
[Manuk Field 3]