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WoE 2 Godly item creation

In each Castle there is a "Guide" who knows the way to petition the powers that be and make your wish to claim the WoE 2.0 Godly items.

You must be the guild that owns the castle with the guide, and that castle MUST have:
Economy : 65 +
Defense : 30 +

You will need to bring much of your guild`s strength to succeed in Okolnir, so be sure you have 16 - 20 members accompanying you on your challenge mission. Once inside, you will only have 1 hour to meet the Wish Maiden`s challenges. Good Luck!  
A wing made of all lights that exist in the world.
Its name means `Light of the gods`.

30% immunity from physical attacks of all attributes.
Flee +30, Mdef +5
Enables the use of Teleport lv 1
Cannot be refined or Damaged.
Cannot be Transferred from its creator on server.
Type: Garment
Def: 5
Weight: 40
Required lvl : 94
Class: All
1 Dusk Glow
Valfreyja Castle 1
1 Dawn Essence
Valfreyja Castle 2
1 Cold Moonlight
Valfreyja Castle 3 and 5
1 Hazy Starlight
Valfreyja Castle 4
1 Heavenly Maiden`s Robe
Various creatures and Treasure Boxes
100 Soft Feather
Skeggiold, Owl Baron and Owl Duke
10 Agate
Arch Angeling
10 Rose Quartz
20 Elunium
Various Creatures
Brynhild is one of the valiant valkyries, meaning `the warrior`s armor`.
Base level*20 MHP increase, Base Lvz*5 MSP increase.
Physical attack power +10%.
Magic attack power +10%.
MDef +10
Cannot be knocked back.
Cannot be refined, or destroyed.
Cannot be transferred from its creator on server.
Type: Armor
Def : 10
Weight: 40
Required lvl : 94
Class : All
1 Goddess Tear
Schwaltzvalt Castle 1
1 Valkyrie`s Token
Schwaltzvalt Castle 2
1 Brynhild Armor Piece
Schwaltzvalt Castle 3
1 Hero Remains
Schwaltzvalt Castle 4
1 Andvari`s Ring
Schwaltzvalt Castle 5
1 Valkyrian Armor
100 Valhala`s Flower
Randgris and Valkyrie
10 Gold
Various Monsters
20 Elunium
Various Monsters