Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 11.3 WOE SE Update
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Episode 11.3 WOE SE Update

The new Guild Strongholds will enable guilds to employ additional lines of defense to protect the Emperium, and thus ownership of their Strongholds, from rival guilds. The introduction of Fortress Gates and Gate Houses in the new maps in the War of Emperium SE Update and the overall reduction of Warp Portals within these Guild Strongholds will require new and more daring strategies for conquering guilds to shatter Emperiums and take over Strongholds.

The Fortress Gate summons obstacles in the way to the Emperium Room to impede the advance of rival guilds. Intruders must destroy every obstacle installed in the Fortress Gate before they can approach the Emperium. Fortress Gates help protect the Stronghold`s ownership from certain Jobs that are known as Emp Breakers, which are known for being able to destroy Emperiums much faster than other Jobs: ambitious guilds must rely on more than direct guerilla strikes against the Emperium if they plan to conquer a Stronghold.

Gate Houses are occupational points that must be conquered to open the Fortress Gate that leads to Emperium Room. Each Gate House has a Guardian Stone which enables the Stronghold`s owner to summon Guardians if he has attained the Guardian Research skill. The gate to the Emperium Room will open if all Gate Houses are occupied and the Guardian Stones are destroyed by the intruding guilds. If the Gate Houses are reclaimed by the castle owner, then the gate will close again. Any intruders that have passed through the gate into the Emperium Room will be trapped inside: their only viable choice would be to desperately try to destroy the Emperium before the Stronghold`s owners can stop them.

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