Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 11.3 The Cursed Monastery on the Nameless Island
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Episode 11.3 The Cursed Monastery on the Nameless Island
and begin a new life. The island slowly grew, becoming a refuge to the penitent, troubled souls who wished to live in peace, separated from the harsh judgment of the outside world. They lived idyllic lives, erecting simple homes and farms, and a monastery where they could pray to expiate their past sins. It seemed that Freya answered their prayers for peace and forgiveness as the years slowly passed in quiet serenity.

"Goddess Freya, answer our prayers! Protect us from evil...! Please hear our wails of lamentation, and guide us to the road of redemption. We are ready to serve as your tools to enlighten the ignorant. Let us expiate our sins by serving you. We hereby dedicate the blood of unbelievers and the flesh of heretics to you!"

The desperation of the peaceful monastery devolved into madness as Freya`s followers were tyrannized by the criminals that began to dominate their island. Their devotion to Freya became twisted and fanatical, and they completely closed off all contact outside of the monastery to protect themselves from being tainted by the moral impurities of the outside world. Inside the monastery, they began strange, underground projects to direct their rage against the encroaching world of heretics.

The island may appear charmingly beautiful under the sunlight, but its true nature is revealed after the sun sets: eerie groans can be heard over the walls of the monastery where visiting monks and nuns have inexplicably vanished. The truth and the terror of the monastery will be revealed in the darkness of night.
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