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2-1 Job Class
While hunting leisurely in the forest, he/she decides to join the world of adventure after reading the notice recruiting adventurers posted by King Tristan III, taking it as an opportunity to use his/her skills.

Trained to manipulate bows and arrows, he/she can hit a target even with his/her eyes closed. With the use of different types of traps, he/she can interrupt an enemy's path and has the ability to bring chaos upon them.

His/Her goal is to attack from a distance, but using the Falcon he/she became friends with while staying in the forest, he/she is able to rush an enemy as well. The Falcon also has the keenness to keep an eye out for an opportunity to attack.

The Hunter is an outstanding job that has the ability to counter and attack in any situation.
You can change jobs to a Hunter in the field East of Payon. Talk to the Guildsman inside the Hunter Guild to apply and pass some tests. The test consists of gathering materials, spotting targets, as well as showing the ability to move around swiftly. After the test is over, go to the Guildmaster to receive the voucher proving that you completed the test. Talk to the Guildsman again and you should e able to change jobs. Job Lv 40 or higher is required to apply.
01 l
Guildsman guarding the entrance of the Hunter Guild.
02 l
Talk to the Guildsman to begin the job change test.
03 l
You will be tested on a couple different topics.
04 l
Get the voucher proving that you completed the test from the Guildmaster.
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