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2-1 Job Class
Existing in darkness, never entering the world of light, they were always feared by others.

One day, reading King Tristan III's notice recruiting adventurers, they thought of it as an opportunity to clear their history full of darkness and sent an Assassin to join the group of adventurers.

With the ability to secretly enter places and poison an enemy to get rid of them without a trace, they were worthy of being feared.

People refused to open their minds to these Assassins, whose Guild location was even a secret. But if they find the true nature of these Assassins, loyal and trusting those once they are friends, anyone would want to befriend them without hesitation.
You can change jobs to an Assassin at the Assassin Guild, located East of Morroc. Apply to the Guildsman inside the Guild and talk to each test administrator accordingly to begin the test. The Assassin test strengthens your swiftness and judgement. You will be able to change jobs once the Guildmaster has completed his review. Requirements are Job Lv 40 or higher.
01 l
This is the Assassin Guild entrance.
02 l
The Guildsman will send you to the job change are once you talk.
03 l
The test will evaluate your ability to react quickly and seize a target.
04 l
When the Guildmaster's review is complete, you will be able to change jobs to an Assassin.
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