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2-1 Job Class
While serving God and witnessing the miracles, the Priest is the only one that decides to join the world of adventure following the voice of God. He/She helps the group by casting supportive spells, and with a well-trained spirit helps members of the group Heal. Also, he/she has exceptional fighting skills against Undead monsters and by purifying their souls, returns them to the ground.

If you happen to join parties with a strong Priest, you will be able to receive help from their supportive skills that also possess the ability to attack enemies.

You can change jobs to a Priest in the Sanctuary of Prontera. Apply to Father Thomas, in the Sanctuary located in the 2 o'clock direction of town. If you pass each level of training, you will be able to change jobs to a Priest. The test consists of spiritual trainign to test your strong belief, and physical training. After the test is completed, sign an oath with Sister Cecile and talk to Father Thomas to become a Priest. Requirement are Job Lv 40 or higher.
01 l
This is Bishop Paul.
02 l
Father Peter who will guilde you to the spiritual training area.
03 l
Test to overcome temptations of evil spirits.
04 l
Finish up with an oath with Sister Cecile.
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