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2-2 Job Class
Physically trained as well as in Magic disciplines, they show a great amount of strength even in brute battles. Wizards' specialties are to cast strong spells freely using the 4 elements. Sages, on the otherhand, rely on knowledge and use various techniques and combinations to get the best out of the elements.

Wizards cast spells with their high level magic while Sages apply the magic to others so that they can support them. Eventually, they develop Enchanted spells.

One day, after reading King Tristan III's notice recruiting adventurers, the organization decides to send sages to help King Tristan III, a great financial supporter that never seeks to hold back.

As a result,he/she is sent to join the group of adventurers.

The job change test for Sages is available in the Magic City of Juno. Apply to the administrator inside the Academy, located in the 1 o'clock direction of the town. Go to the each examination site administrator in order and take the tests. There are several memorization tests as well as item collecting quests. In some cases, the items may be hard to obtain without others' help. Once you successfully complete the tests and finish the essay, you will be able to change jobs at the Sage Castle. You must be Job Lv 40 or higher to apply.
01 l
Entrance to the Magic Academy.
02 l
Talk to the Academy administrator to apply.
03 l
Academy instructor in charge of the written test.
04 l
Once you finish writing the essay, go to the Sage Castle and change jobs.
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