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2-2 Job Class
With a great sense of rhythm, she is now able to use her body to perform dances that captures everyone's attention. After, the dances began to be enchanted with magic, drawing the hearts of her audience.

But because there wasn't much business, she did small shows on stages and at some bars. One day, a wandering minstrel asks to perform with her. Finding that they make a great combination she leaves for a journey full of adventure on the spot.

You can change jobs to a Dancer in Comodo. Talk to Borroven, next to the Kafra, to be taken to the job change site and pass the test. Sign up for the dance workshop and pass the written test. Then go to the skill test waiting room to take the dance test. If you match the timing and successfully perform the dance, talk to Borwageu and you will be able to change jobs to a Dancer. You must be at least Job Lv 40 or higher to apply.
01 l
Bor Robin in Comodo who will send you to the dance test site.
02 l
Gather the items Aire requests.
03 l
Bijou who is in charge of the written test.
04 l
Exam site for the Dance test.
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