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2-2 Job Class
Active in fields from ancient biotechnology to combining and creating mixtures, he/she joins the adventurers recruited by King Tristan III to perfect his/her biotechnology, and in the end, to successfully summon a Homunculus.

The potions he/she makes have much better effects than those sold in stores.

The advanced biotechnology also allows summonning of monsters that will help you. He/She continuously gathers materials and researches up to this day, amongst the many adventurers, in order to create biotechnology's greatest advantages, homunculus.
You can change jobs to an Alchemist in Al De Baran. Talk to the union member inside the Alchemist Union, located in 7 o'clock direction of the city, to apply. When applying, you must submit a certain item along with Zeny. The Alchemist quest consists of tests on the subject of alchemy. If you successfully finish each course of the quest in the basement of the Alchemist union, talk to the Master Alchemist to be able to change jobs to an Alchemist. You must be Job Lv 40 or higher to apply.
01 l
This is the Alchemist Union.
02 l
Give a certain item to the member to apply for the job change.
03 l
Take the written test administered by Raspuchin
04 l
Darthia will teach you how to make potions.
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