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2-2 Job Class
Enhancing his/her skills learned from the days as a neighborhood ruffian, everybody avoids his/her eyes. Living in dullness, he/she decides to join the adventurers gathered by King Tristan III, thinking maybe the skills would work on monsters as well.

As a ruffian would be, he/she can take off an opponent's armor and take the weapon before the opponent even has the chance to notice, and is excellent with a dagger.

Also, while attacking, he/she is able use various other skills automatically. When the opponent is strong, he/she becomes sneaky. When the opponent is weak, he/she becomes peculiarly strong and has many other strange characteristics.

Others cannot understand and some watch with fright, but in reality, if he/she gets mad, nothing in sight can be considered safe.
You can change jobs to a Rogue at the Rogue Guild located in the basement of the Paros Lighthouse. You can get to the Paros Lighthouse by talking to a Kafra employee. Apply to the Guildsman inside and take the written test. If you pass, start the quest as the NPC instructs you to. The job change test focuses on contact, flee, and evasion. After the final Guildsmember's final screening, you will be able to change jobs to a Rogue. You must be at least Job Lv 40 or higher to apply.
01 l
Entrance to the Rogue guild.
02 l
Smith Lato who gives you the item list.
03 l
Markie that is in charge of the written test..
04 l
Rogue candidates should find hidden NPCs in order to prove contact ability.
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