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2-2 Job Class
It is said that the faith of the acolyte is not only for the mind, but the path one walks must also be for the body.

It takes more than just the mind, but it also takes confidence, and the time and effort, along with self discliple to be able to change jobs.

For the faith, one must be good until they achieve a disciplined body. Until then, it will take much time and effort. Others have come to fear and respect those who are called monks.

With combo and separate attacks, the mysterious power of one must not only be physically strong, but also have great strength and tough blow/hits.

Now Rune Migard's King, Tristan the 3rd's proclamation to the large Catholic church's archbishop, in following the bidding of all meanings of faith, wants them to set forth on a war against evil.
The place to change your job to the Monk Class is located in the NE Prontera fields. If you report information of yourself to the old man, job class change is possible. The monk job change test consists of a memory and physical test which is to be taken at the speficifed location. One will be able to change the job class into Monk, once the testing is finished. You must be at least Job Level 40 to change jobs.
01 l
Report to the old man at the entrance.
02 l
He is an elder in charge of the job changes.
03 l
The Memory Test NPC is located North of the monastery.
04 l
He is the monk of the final test.
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