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1st Job Class
After gaining full insight of all the elements existing in this world, he/she found a small string of magic power inside, waiting to be awaken. After training and disciplining with the utmost effort, he/she has grown to be a respectable Mage.

With much knowledge and intelligence, he/she was able to figure out ways to overpower an enemy by learning about the enemy ahead of time and planing appropriately - and with this ability has overcome many different situations and obstacles. One day, after reading the notice recruiting adventurers by the king, feeling the necessity of a Mage in any adventure, he/she decides to join the of adventure. Others always see the studying and researching image of him/her, and because of the ability to think straightforwardly and make cold, but necessary judgements, colleagues tend to think that he/she has 'no emotions'. However, in real life he/she is a sincere person who likes flowers.
You can change jobs to a Mage in the Magic City, Geffen. Apply to a guildsman inside the Magic Academy, located in the 10 o'clock direction of the city. The Mage job change test is used to determine intelligence and memory ability through the making of a mixture in a particluar order. For detailed ingredient information, refer to the bookshelf next to the Mixing Machine. If you succeed in creating the mixture, you will be able to change jobs to a Mage. Requirements are Job Lv 10 or higher.
01 l
This is the Magic Academy.
02 l
A Guildmember asks question about
03 l
If you would like to know what materials are used for Mixture No. 3 ask the bookself
04 l
Once you gather all the materials, put them in the Mixing Machine.
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