Ragnarok Online - Classes - Taekwon Boy/Girl - Introduction
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Taekwon Boy/Girl
1st Extended Job Class
Novices that attain Job Level 10 can job change to Taekwon Boys and Girls. The Taekwon Boy and Girl jobs specialize in using a wide variety of kick attacks. Although they cannot equip weapons, they can equip all other equipment that can be used by all jobs except Novices.
Speak to Phoenix in the middle of Payon after attaining Job Level 10 as a Novice character. Phoenix will administer a few tests to determine whether you are qualified to become a Taekwon Boy or Girl. His main test is composed of several questions that will require answers befitting an honorable warrior focused on self improvement.
01 l
Attain Novice Job Level 10 and go to Payon.
02 l
Speak with Phoenix in the middle of town.
03 l
If Phoenix asks you to train a little bit more, then go and hunt some monsters to level up.
04 l
Give the most moral answers to Phoenix's questions, and he will promote you to a Taekwon Boy or Girl.
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