Ragnarok Online - Classes - Taekwon Master - Introduction
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Taekwon Master
2nd Extended Job Class
Taekwon Master has the ability to use the power of Books to increase the damage of their kicks, proving the adage that knowledge is power. Certain Taekwon Master skills are incredibly effective, but can only be used on a limited range of specific maps or monsters that can be chosen by the Taekwon Master. Taekwon Boys and Girls can apply for the Taekwon Master job change test when they attain Job Level 40.
The first step to become a Taekwon Master is to speak to Moohyun, located in the 5 o' direction in Payon, after attaining Job Level 40 or above as a Taekwon Boy or Girl. Moohyun will ask you to go to Comodo and visit Moogang, who will guide you to the Sun, Moon, and Star Rooms for the Taekwon Master test. Once you pass the tests in all three rooms, return to Moogang in Comodo to officially change jobs to Taekwon Master.
01 l
Moohyun can be found somewhere in 5 o'clock direction from the center of Payon.
02 l
Tell Moohyun that you definitely want to become a Taekwon Master.
03 l
Moogang will ask you to bring him 4 different kinds of elemental stones.
04 l
Bring 1 Star Crumb and 1 Star Dust to Cheehee in the final testing room, and then return to Moogang in Comodo.
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