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1st Job Class
With the special ability to handle bow and arrows, he/she became an Archer with an almost perfect accuracy in hitting targets. His/Her arrows hit the aimed target and those that hit vital spots are dangerous and powerful enough to take the target's life. But because of a kind heart, he/she loves and adores the Mountain Village Payon in which he/she grew up in.

One day, after reading a notice recruiting adventurers, he/she decides to join thinking his/her shooting ability would be helpful.

Using bows, an Archer has many different talents including skills that include the bow which can be used to attack at a distance assisting comrades, as well as restraining enemies.
The place to change jobs to an Archer is located in the Mountain Vilage Payon. In the Archer Village, visit the Guildsman inside the Archer Guild. In order to raise concentration and patience, the test consists of gathering Trunks. By hunting Willows found near Payon, you gather a certain amount of Trunks and once they are turned in, you will be able to change jobs to an Archer. Job Lv 10 and higher is required.
01 l
Archer Guild.
02 l
The Guildsman in charge of the test.
03 l
Hunt Willows to obtain Trunks.
04 l
Submit the gathered Trunks to become an Archer.
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