Ragnarok Online - Classes - Warlock - Introduction
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3-1 Job Class
Warlocks, unlike Wizards, focus more on causing abnormal status effects to their enemies rather causing direct magic damage. Warlocks specialize in a brand new magic casting technique: they can Read Spell Books to Summon Spells to either store or recall to instantly cast the spells without any casting delay.
In order to become a Warlock you must prove that your human form can withstand the magical power of the Sapha fairies from Ash Vacuum to the Warlock Master in Splendide. Only Wizards and High Wizards at Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 are eligible to prove their worthiness to become Warlocks.
01 l
Your path begins in the destroyed city of Morroc. There are pockets of distorted time-space around the old castle that will send worthy Wizards to the Warlock Master in Ash Vacuum.
02 l
You will be sent to Splendide where you will meet the Warlock Master. She will discover that you are worthy to become a Warlock and test your skills.
03 l
Survive the test and prove that you have the ability to wield the greater magic power that the Ash Vacuum Warlocks possess.
04 l
Prove to the Sapha that humans can control magic as well as they can and become a powerful Warlock.
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