Ragnarok Online - Classes - Ranger - Introduction
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3-1 Job Class
Rangers have superior maneuverability and Trap skills compared to Hunters and Snipers. The use of camouflage and Warg riding allows Rangers to ambush and retreat before the enemy can counterattack. Rangers can also use Detonators to explode their traps to inflict maximum damage against their foes.
The path to becoming a Ranger starts on Turtle Island. Submit your request to become a Ranger with the Survival Instructor by the dock and you will be asked to pass a series of tests designed to showcase the basic skills needed to be a true Ranger. Only Hunters and Snipers at Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 are eligible to apply for the Ranger test.
01 l
Travel to Turtle Island and speak to the Survival Instructor 'Rescue' and tell him that you want to become a Ranger.
02 l
Battle your way north and find the Test Instructor there who will lead you into the battle test building.
03 l
You must pass 3 tests in order to prove your worthiness to become a Ranger. Can you figure out how to get past all of them in time?
04 l
Once you have proven your worth, you will be sent to the Master Ranger who will personally appoint you into their ranks.
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