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3-1 Job Class
These drivers of Magic Gears, or Madogear, use various attack and complementary skills that are completely new to the world of Ragnarok. By configuring a variety of Magic Gear equipment items, Mechanics are highly flexible in terms of skill customization and character growth. A Mechanic’s Attack Strength, Defense, Movement, Attack Speed, and complementary skills including Self Destruction are completely reliant on equipment sets. Therefore the Mechanic can change character attributes anytime they want as long as they have the right equipment.
Chainheart in Juno will tell you that to become a Mechanic one must seek out the knowledge that the first Mechanics discovered at the heart of Juperos. Gain the knowledge yourself and you will become a Mechanic as well. Only Blacksmiths and Mastersmiths at Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 are eligible to seek the knowledge required to become a Mechanic.
01 l
Speak to Chainheart in Juno and he will tell you about how the first Mechanic came to be.
02 l
He asks you to find a Scholar in Juperos who knows the path to become a Mechanic.
03 l
You will be send deep into Juperos where you must help release souls of the Ghostfires there.
04 l
Battle past the scores of Dimiks in Juperos to find and forge your own path to becoming a Mechanic.
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