Ragnarok Online - Classes - Guillotine Cross - Introduction
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Guillotine Cross
3-1 Job Class
The Guillotine Cross strike fear into their enemies with their new incapacitating poisons, their improved evasion and their skill at hiding from view. This class specializes in tricks and strategic diversion to throw their foes off balance.
Assassins and Assassin Crosses at Base Level 99 can receive the Guillotine Cross job change quest from a guildsman in Morroc's Underground Pub. Distinguish yourself as a worthy guildsman and you will be taught the techniques to become a Guillotine Cross.
01 l
Speak to the Assassin Guild member in the Morroc Assassin's Guild Pub and he will tell you to go to their guild branch in Veins.
02 l
At the Veins pub you will speak to the Guild Master there named Mayshell who will give you a special task to perform.
03 l
Investigate around Veins either on your own or with the help of others to discover where your objective is.
04 l
You will discover that your target for the special task is hiding in a Mansion around Rachel. Can you prove that you are a worthy Assassin?
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