Ragnarok Online - Classes - Royal Guard - Introduction
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Royal Guard
3-2 Job Class
The Royal Guards were established three centuries ago in AW Year 711 under the rule of King Schmidtz. King Schmidtz was ahead of his time and knew that he must prepare a special force to deal with the ever present threat of attacks from his enemies and national chaos. He organized an elite unit under his direct command around the time that Glast Heim was built.
Find the Middle-aged man in the Prontera Castle and he will tell you a story about King Schmidtz and his creation of the Royal Guards. Help him find traces of the ancient order of knights and he will share his knowledge of how to become one as well. Only Crusaders and Paladins at Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 are eligible to seek the power of the Royal Guards.
01 l
A Middle-aged gentleman has appeared where Swordmen go to become Crusaders. He tells you a story about King Schmidtz and the memory of the Royal Guards.
02 l
The story leads you to explore The Glast Heim St. Abbey.
03 l
Search through the St. Abbey and you will find traces of the Royal Guards there.
04 l
Once you retrace the path of a true Royal Guard you can find a trace of the late King Schmidtz and his ghost will enlighten your path to becoming a Royal Guard.
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