Ragnarok Online - Classes - Sorcerer - Introduction
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3-2 Job Class
The Scholars of Juno have long studied how to further control the four elements of nature, but they eventually hig a seemingly insurmountable plateau. With the discovery of the Ash Vacuum and the magical power of the fairies, Scholars found a way to further their elemental powers by harnessing the magic that the Sapha wield.
Travel to the top floor of Geffen Tower and speak to Merito who will lead you on your way to becoming a Sorcerer. Travel throughout the Rune Midgard Continent and prove that you are one with the four elements of nature and you will be granted the powers to become a Sorcerer. Only Sages and Professors at Base Level 99 are eligible to undertake this journey to become Sorcerers.
01 l
Go to the top of Geffen Tower and find a man named Merito who tells you what it is to be a Sorcerer.
02 l
Agree to take the test and he will send you to Karacas who will evaluate your worthiness to become a Sorcerer.
03 l
He will send you to different parts of Rune Midgard to learn how to communicate with spirits.
04 l
Once you have visited all of the Spirit Detecting Staffs you will experience what it is to be a Sorcerer.
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