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3-2 Job Class
Wanderers are the free spirits that don’t want to be restricted by anything or anyone. They desire true freedom and let the wind guide them. They love nature and worship the grace of the gods.
Travel to Lutie and speak to the Aspiring Wanderers there who are awaiting a performance from their favorite Maestro and Wanderer Duo. You will be asked to discover the whereabouts of the performers and try to convince them to come back to Lutie. Find the Maestro and Wanderer Duo and you will be taught how to create new music as a Wanderer. Only Gypsies and Dancers at Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 can increase their melodic techniques and become Wanderers.
01 l
Go to Lutie and find two aspiring Wanderers waiting for a performance of their favorite performing group named
02 l
Next to the Christmas tree the Performance Manager will explain why has not yet performed and begs you to find the Maestro of the group who he thinks is in Comodo.
03 l
Find the Maestro in the Comodo Casino and try to convince him to go back to Lutie in time for the performance.
04 l
You will learn why didn't show up for the performance and it will lead you to Hugel to try and convince the duo to go back to Lutie. Will the performance be saved?
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