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3-2 Job Class
While most Alchemists sought learning in various fields of knowledge, some of them concentrated their studies in the alchemic principles of transformation: these alchemists were known as the “Geneticists” among their peers. The Geneticists transformed the reliable Merchant’s Cart, which was primarily used to hold various experimental tools, into an effective weapon. They also upgraded their creation technologies to transform existing creatures into completely different beings.
Travel to Aldebaran and visit the Alchemist guild there and you will be told about new research from a class called Geneticists. Two of the top Geneticists in their fields are studying in a laboratory in Lighthalzen. Assist them in their studies and you too can join their ranks as a Geneticist. Only Alchemists and Biochemists at Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 are eligible to study to become Geneticists.
01 l
Go to Aldebaran and speak to the Alchemist Union Member who will tell you about Geneticists.
02 l
He will direct you to find Devries who is in the Geneticist lab in Lighthalzen. Devries is studying new ways of altering plants.
03 l
Help Devries gather plant samples for his Geneticist experiments.
04 l
You will then be sent to Demi Calberine on the second floor of the Geneticist Lab who specializes in modifying carts. Both will help you along your path to becoming a Geneticist.
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