Ragnarok Online - Classes - Shadow Chaser - Introduction
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Shadow Chaser
3-2 Job Class
In order to keep up with the growing power of other guilds such as the Rune Knights of the Swordman guild, the Rogue guild discovered that painting would lead them to the power they were seeking. They studied ways to inflict psychological damage to their enemies by using various strategies based on visual and magic tricks. Their use of deception and disguises made them the elite members of the Rogue Guild and soon became known as Shadow Chasers.
Members from the Rogue Guild will give you a clue to decrypt a code that leads you on your journey to becoming a Shadow Chaser. Shadow Chasers must possess the ability to think outside of the box so this journey will rely more on your ability to think rather than your ability to wield a weapon. Only Rogues and Stalkers at Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 are eligible to discover the path to becoming a Shadow Chaser.
01 l
Your journey begins in the Rogue Guild in Morroc. Speak to the thieves and rogues there and they will give you a secret code.
02 l
The secret code will lead you to speak to many Managers in several towns of Rune Midgard.
03 l
The Managers will give you more codes to decrypt that lead you to ghost flames that guard the treasure.
04 l
Decipher all of the codes and you will be lead on an adventure that only a true Shadow Chaser can complete.
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