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2nd Extended Class
Many ages ago, there was a powerful clan of shadow warriors who served the Lord of Amatsu. Content to be the right hand to the feudal warlord, they were known as the Ninja-silent assassins who excelled in weapon and magical arts.Just recently the descendants of the original Ninja have returned to assist in the battle against the forces of evil in Rune Midgards, and have been gathering recruits to pass on their ancient techniques.The Kagerou and Oboro are hybrid classes like the Ninja, and are able to use magic or physical attacks.
Ninja class characters that reach level 99/70 can find the hidden Ninja Guild Hideout in Amatsu (/navi amatsu 147/136).
Once there you will need to prove to the Ninja Master that you have what it takes, over four challenging tests.
This job change quest is the same for Kagerou (Male characters) and Oboro (Female characters).
01 l
Visit the secret Ninja Hideout.
02 l
Search for the secret area.
03 l
Speak to the Old Man.
04 l
Complete his four tasks.
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