Ragnarok Online - Classes - Rebel - Introduction
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2nd Extended Class
Superbly trained in the arts of marksmanship, the Rebel job class is available to Gunslingers who have reached level 99. Able to deal massive amounts of damage, and armed with new bullet types, the Rebel is a deadly new foe.
Gunslingers at level 99/70 can journey to Morroc Field 12 to speak with the Suspicious man to begin the quest to change into a Rebel.
This quest will take you to Einbroch to complete a series of tests, including crafting your own pistol.
01 l
Find the Mysterious Man in Morroc.
02 l
Travel to the Secret Pub in Einbroch.
03 l
Take the Rebel test in the factory.
04 l
Craft a new pair of pistols.
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