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1st Job Class
Born and raised as an orphan without even knowing his/her parents' faces, wandering in the back alleys of cities, King Tristan 3rd's recruitment for adventurers was a great opportunity.

He/She doesn't have much physical strength, not allowing for long marches or battes, but amongst the chaos, he/she is skilled a confusing opponents and dodging their attacks.

The chaos caused by this Thief will be most definitely play an important role in taking down enemies.
You can change jobs to a Thief in the Desert City of Morroc. If you apply at the Thief Guild - located in the center of the 1st floor of the Pyramid, 10 o'clock direction in town - you will be given a task. The Thief job change task is to gather mushrooms from a Mushroom Farm full of Monsters. It's a test to evaluate agility and judgement. Orange Net Mushrooms are 3 points each, and Orange Gooey Mushrooms are 1 point each, and you will be evaluated at the Thief Guild once you have enough that add up to 25 points. Requirements are Job Lv 10.
01 l
Thief Guild entrance.
02 l
A task will be given after talking to the guild member.
03 l
Mushroom Farm Guide, located on the East side of the Pyramid.
04 l
Find as many Mushrooms as you can to meet the point requirements.
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