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1st Job Class
Living a life serving the Church, he/she sets out to join the adventurers recruited by King Tristan 3rd, in hope of finding new powers from within him/herself.

He/she sets out on the journey after getting permission from the head of the Church. Following teachings, he/she does not use weapons that can hurt others. Instead,

he/she is a supporter that uses skills when used on others, increases their fighting abilities and heals them as well.
The place to change jobs to an Acolyte is located in the Capital City of Prontera. The test begins aftet talking to the Priest that can be found in the Sanctuary, located in the 2 o'clock direction of town. The test is meant to develop patience and faith. While clearing many different obstacles, you must visit 1 of the 3 people. Talk to the Priest once you have completed the test and he will change your job into an Acolyte. Job Lv 10 or higher is required.
01 l
This is the Prontera Sanctuary.
02 l
Priest who is staying in the west-west Geffen Field.
03 l
Nun Matilda staying North of Morroc.
04 l
riest staying NNE of Prontera.
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