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2-1 Job Class
Devoting his/her life to Magic even more than a Mage, you can find a big aurora of magic surrounding his/her body seen on nobody else. One day, after reading the recruiting notice posted by King Tristan III, he/she sets out to join the group of adventurers to test out the magic he/she has been researching for so long.

With increased intelligence and magic, Wizards have the ability to wipe out an enemy in battle by casting a spell with the power to cause an enormous amount of damage at once. But because so much of his/her life was devoted to learning and researching magic, he/she is not as physically fit as some other job classes. Therefore, long marches and battles may be quite overwhelming.

He/She usually finds the enemy's weak point from behind and causes chaos by attacking and surprising the enemy, then casts a huge spell to demolish all the enemies at once - thus, helping his/her teammates.

You can change your job to a Wizard in the upper level of Geffen Tower. Apply to the Guildsman at the top of the Geffen Tower, located in the center of Geffen. Talk to the people as instructed and the job change test will begin. It is crucial to be able to determine a monster's attribute and attack accordingly. If you finish the test in one piece, you will be qualified to change to a Wizard. You must be at least Job Lv 40 or higher to apply.
01 l
Entrance to the Wizard Guild.
02 l
Talk to the Guildmember to get information about the process.
03 l
NPC in charge of the written/practical test.
04 l
The test begins when you click on Waiting Room.
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