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Super Novice
Unlike the original Novice job which only has 2 active skills, First Aid and Play Dead, the Super Novice can use almost every skill available to 1st Job Characters!

However, once you become a Super Novice, it is impossible to change your job to one of the 1st classes, since the Super Novice is a unique, alternative class.
To become a Super Novice, you are required to reach base level 45 and have job level 10 as a Novice. Meet Tzerero in Al De Baran for the job change test once you fulfill the requirements.
01 l
This is the building where Tzerero stays.
02 l
Talk to Tzerero for the job change quest.
03 l
Proceed through the job change quest.
04 l
When you bring the required items, you will pass the test.
Super Novice Class Details
1. There are no 2nd advanced classes for the Super Novice class.
2. Super Novices are just like ordinary Novices in regards to HP, SP, Equipment and Attack Speed.
3. When defeated in battle, Super Novices suffer a 1% experience loss from the current experience level.
4. Super Novices cannot use the Novice Play Dead skill.
5. Super Novices cannot equip Bows and Two-Handed weapons like ordinary Novices.
(Therefore, Super Novices cannot learn the Double Strafe and Two-Handed Sword Mastery skills.)
The Secret Lore of Rune-Midgard
Supposedly, there are 5 secrets to Super Novices:

Secret 1. Super Novices have their own level up Angel
The Guardian Angel that appears upon leveling up is different for the Super Novice than for the other classes. This angel may cast a random skill such as Kyrie Eleison, Magnificat, Gloria, Suffragium or Impositio Manus on the Super Novice.

Secret 2. [/Doridori] command restores HP/SP two times faster One Super Novice insists that head-shaking supposedly speeds up his SP restoration.

Secret 3. Guardian Angel casts Mental Strength on Super Novices According to hearsay, when a Super Novice's HP reaches 0, their Guardian Angel may appear to restore HP and cast Mental Strength.

Secret 4. A strange phenomenon occurs when the Super Novice's EXP reaches increments of 10% such as 10.0%, 20.0% , 30.0%, 40.0% and so on. During these times, it is said that the Super Novice can summon his Guardian Angel for help. Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure how to summon the Guardian Angel.

Secret 5. If a Super Novice can manage to avoid even a single death... Something special will be given to the Novice. However, no one has accomplished this amazing feat.
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