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Character upgrades using card combinations!

Mix and match different cards and create your own, unique item.

What is a card?
Depending on the type of card, they have specific attributes. When attached to a weapon or armor, the card will exhibit its hidden abilities. Cards can typically be obtained through monster drops, and there are several different rare cards available.
How to use cards
There are weapons and armor that have 'slots'. If you add the card to these slots, the weapon or armor will then have the attributes of the card. The better the weapon, the more slots available to add different cards. But once a card is added, you cannot separate it from the item so be cautious in choosing which card to add to which weapon or armor.
Unlimited card combinations!
Place the armor or weapon you wish to add the card to in your inventory along with the card you wish to use. Double click on the card and select which weapon or armor the card should be added to. The card should then be added to the slot of the selected weapon or armor. If there is more than one slot, the ability of the item will change depending on which cards and how many of them are used. Mix and match different cards and create your own weapons and armor.